Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus E-mail

 Are you concerned about spam and computer viruses? 

is proud to provide these value added service at no additional cost to our clients.

E-mail messages are checked for spam on our mail server before they reach your mailbox.

Over 60 spam tests are applied to each e-mail. A 'weighting system' identifies spam that should be deleted and spam that should be flagged as possible spam by adding 'Flagged by as SPAM:' to the subject. Rules can be used to move these flagged e-mails to a seperate folder for review.

Occationaly, a wanted e-mail might be flagged as spam. To avaoid this, you can 'whitelist' any e-mail address simply by adding the address to your Web Messaging Address Book.

E-mail messages are also checked for viruses on our mail server (heuristic analysis, generic detection, scanning and integrity check) before they reach your mailbox. If a virus is detected, the e-mail is deleted and you receive a notification from ''.

Please continue to use your own anti virus software as viruses can be received in other ways and no one system can be perfect. Since our Anti Virus Server uses the 'AVG Anti-Virus' database, we suggest that you use one of the other anti virus programs for double e-mail protection.