About Us

 Why should you choose RPB.net? 

is a full service Internet Service Provider located in Delray Beach, Florida. Services include the design, creation and hosting of custom web sites as well as national dialup, DSL and T1 "Internet Access with a Personal Touch". Email adresses @RPB.net, @PBCounty.net, or @your_domain with Virus Protection, Spam protection and Web Messaging at no additional cost. We also specialize in eCommerce Shopping carts and credit card processing.

's parent company, provides the complete solution to all of your computing needs. We are a full service firm located in Delray Beach, Florida, serving clients throughout Palm Beach County. Founded in 1993, we are proficient in all the technologies that have emerged from DOS to Windows XP.

Our goal is to provide reliable, cost effective, quality solutions to our clients.

We will accept payment via VISA, MasterCard, American Express and of course cash or check.

We are proud of our commitment to customer service and quick response.